User Location Redirecting

With Maps it is now possible to redirect the user to a specific site based off their physical location. You can do this by setting the geoLocationRedirectMap in the simplemap.php config file.

The value of geoLocationRedirectMap should be a keyed array. The key of each item should be the handle for the site you want to redirect to. The value of each item should be an array of properties to match against (explained below), or a string containing an asterisk * which will act as a catch-all.

Location Matching

Location matching is performed by looking at each key/value pair in an array and checking if they all match the users location. The keys should match the available properties in the User Location. The values should be an exact match for the contents of the User Location.

The priority is top-down, first come first serve. This means that the first site that matches the users location will be the one that is used.

See the example below for a visual explanation.



return [
    'geoLocationRedirectMap' => [
        'uk'       => [ 'countryCode' => ['uk', 'ie'] ],
        'eu'       => [ 'isEU' => true ],
        'southern' => [ 'lat' => function ($lat) { return $lat <= 0; } ],
        'global'   => '*',

The first site, uk, is checking to see if the countryCode of the users location matches either 'uk' or 'ie' because we want to bundle the Irish in with the English. I'm sure they won't mind. If it does match, the user will be redirected to the current page on the UK site.

The second site, eu, checks to see if the user is in the EU and will redirect to the eu site if they are.

southern is using an anonymous function, or lambda, to check if the users latitude is on or below the equator. You can use lambdas for any of the properties. The first and only argument will be the value of that property on the users location. All lambdas must return a boolean value.

The final site, global, uses an asterisk as a catch-all. This means that if none of the previous rules match this one will be used. You should always use the wildcard last since any subsequent rules will be ignored.