Get User Location

Getting the current users location based of their IP address is easy using the handy Craft Twig method:

{% set userLocation = craft.maps.getUserLocation([ip]) %}
  • ip is an optional parameter that expects a valid and not private or reserved IPv4 or IPv6. If null the function will use the IP address from the user of the current request.

This function returns a UserLocation which is very similar to the location returned by a Map field, with a few added bonuses.

User Location

The user location has the following properties:

  • ip The IP address of the user (that was used to lookup the location).
  • lat The latitude of the users location.
  • lng The longitude of the users location.
  • address The full address (see Address).
  • parts The separate parts of the address (see Parts).
  • countryCode The ISO country code of the user locations country.
  • isEU Will be true if the user is in an EU country.


You can get the distance between the user and a given location using this method on the User Location:

{{ userLocation.distance({ lat: 51.272154, lng: 0.514951 }, 'miles') }}

The method accepts two parameters:

  • to A lat/lng keyed array, address string, or a Map or User location.
  • unit An optional parameter specifying which unit to use for the measurement. Either mi (miles) or km (kilometers). Defaults to km.

It will return a float of the distance between the two locations in the unit specified (or km if no unit is specified).